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Service & Repair

We are here to support you when the time comes for damper service or repair. Our fully-equipped Atlanta, Georgia production facility handles all repairs, re-valves, and overhauls in the tight timelines demanded by the racing industry, keeping your car on the road or at the track.

Damper service intervals vary with usage and the environment in which your dampers are used. Our general recommendation for service intervals is as follows:

  • Street : 25,000 miles
  • Street/HPDE: 15-20,000 miles
  • Sprint: 150 hours
  • Sprint/Enduro: 125 hours
  • Endurance Race: 75 hours
  • Every 5 years

Please read the information below so that we can provide a speedy turnaround time.

Send your Dampers in for Service

  • Any MCS dampers sent in for service must be accompanied by a service request form. Any dampers sent in without a service request form may result in delayed turnaround.
  • Please remove all top mounts, bushings and springs from the dampers before sending them in for service. This increases labor costs. You may leave the spring hardware on the damper bodies. In most cases, we do not need to move the position of this hardware but do advise that you record their locations in the event that it is necessary for our service team to move the hardware to facilitate service/repair work.
  • If your dampers include quick disconnect fittings (dry breaks), you must include the reservoirs with the dampers. We are not able to properly service the dampers without them.
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We understand that shopping for a damper system can be an overwhelming task. We’re here to support you and that starts first with helping you to choose the most appropriate damper system for your use.

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